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Workshops and Factories

Workshops and Factories

When it comes to industrial workshops for commercial use, we certainly don't subscribe to the idea of 'one size fits all'!

Industrial Workshops for Commercial Use

We’ve been designing industrial workshops for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve learnt that one size certainly does not fit all! In fact, our customers' needs have varied greatly over the years. We’ve designed workshops for large scale outfits such as truck maintenance companies, charities and vehicle mechanics through to engineers and contractors.

Our industrial workshops are popular within the New Zealand market, as we can custom design to suit your project’s specifications. Our pre-engineered industrial workshops can have lengths up to 100m, clear-spans up to 30 metres and heights up to 12 metres – dependant on the design and location of your commercial warehouse.

Furthermore, we can design your workshop in any configuration you like! You can opt for open bays for easy access, enclosed bays for ultimate security and a mixture of both for total flexibility. Of course, you can also choose to have uneven bay sizes in order to fit specific machinery.

Our shed specialists can also talk you through our large range of optional extras. We have solar panels (design dependant), ventilators, windows, doors, internal walls and mezzanine floors (just to name a few).

When it comes to investing in a large industrial workshop for your business, work with a team you can trust! Contact your local Totalspan industrial shed specialist on 0800 868 257, or get a quote online.

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