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Protect your Assets

More than just a shed, it’s a place to keep your machinery and livestock safe and secure!

A Shed For Every Purpose

At Totalspan we provide an extensive range of quality steel shed options encompassing everything from rural sheds, industrial sheds and garages to storage, utility and garden sheds. 

Our team of qualified experts can design, manufacture and build sheds in various sizes and lengths, from wide span sheds up to 24m wide to simple tool sheds. 

If you prefer a bit of DIY handiwork many of our sheds are available as kitset options - you can put them together yourself or we can assemble them for you. 

At Totalspan, nothing is a problem. We just love making sure our customers get the strongest, most affordable sheds around.

Find Totalspan in your area

Wherever you are in New Zealand, we have you covered!