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Commercial steel office buildings are not only cost effective - they also look great and can be custom-designed to suit your business.

Office Buildings designed to meet your needs

Totalspan’s office buildings can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Alongside our experienced engineers, we'll work with you and your plans to ensure your office building meets all of your requirements. 

Totalspan commercial structures can be fully lined to accommodate your office or add some extra admin space for a small business. With full facilities such as toilets & kitchens, our offices are customisable for any size business. Our commercial builders can also add office space to workshops, warehouses or other building types, providing you with complete flexibility.

Why choose Totalspan? 

Totalspan buildings are engineered to meet stringent New Zealand building standards, as well as local standards and conditions. We design, manufacture and build, from concept to completion, on spec, on time and within budget.

Find Totalspan in your area

Wherever you are in New Zealand, we have you covered!