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Greater Choice

The Right Choice

  1. Strongest Possible Connections
    Totalspan portal frame connector plates (ridge and knee connector brackets) are pressed from thick galvanised steel. They are fixed through pre-punched holes using bolts to ensure the strongest possible connection.

  2. More Internal Space
    Totalspan purlins and girts (the parts of the frame where the roof and walls are fixed to) connect into the sides of the portal frame using preformed brackets. This guarantees structural strength in a steel framed building and makes the cladding fit flush with the frame of the building. This means more usable internal space and minimizes bird and rodent nesting.

  3. Hold-Down Brackets
    Hold-down brackets are supplied for easy fixing to the portal leg and concrete slab. No pre-set bolts are required for fixing. Buildings are surface mounted – making construction quick and easy.

  4. Shed Some Natural Light
    Totalspan skylights are available as an optional extra. If you want extra natural light in your building, skylights are an affordable ‘must-have’.

  5. A Pitch for a Stronger Roof
    Totalspan steel framed buildings in New Zealand have a standard 15-degree pitch roof. It’s not only stronger – it looks good too. What’s more, it gives you more usable roof space.

  6. Wider Cladding for Quicker Construction
    Totalspan roof and wall cladding is roll-formed from high tensile steel. Our sheeting is wider than the industry standard, resulting in fewer joints and faster construction times. Your cladding can be either zinc aluminium coated steel or Coloursteel® in a range of colours.

  7. The Perfect Finish
    Totalspan gutters and barges are roll-formed in a unique profile that not only adds strength but also provides an attractive finish to your roof. The gutter brackets fit neatly inside the gutters – totally hidden from view – so that they do not detract from the appearance of your building.

  8. Choose Your Windows
    Aluminium windows are available as an optional extra.

  9. Access doors
    Our doors are built to last – they won’t flex or droop and come complete with a lock.

  10. Open Wide
    Totalspan offers roller and sectional doors that can be fitted to either the side or ends of the building and are available in all standard colours. Talk to your Totalspan sales consultant about roller/sectional door sizes and models.

Ready to talk to an expert and get a quote?

Talk to our Shed Specialists and they will guide you through the process and help design a steel building that meets your needs. Request a quote online or give our guys a call.